Manager's Message

In commemoration and celebration of our 30th year, I feel blessed and honored to be one of the pillars of Al Darmaky for Contracting and Agricultural Materials.
Being in this position is not an easy task, yet this difficulty can be made easy by, working smart and be able to stand still on your feet, to have the ability to accept all ups and downs as they come and plan for a sturdy and steady future, pressure and calamities (be it natural or artificial), and risk management.
In general, the pillar is not only myself. It had some mixtures and components to make it tough, resilient and long-lasting… these are the loyal friends, associates, colleagues, and staff members who have worked and still are working with the group for the past three decades….who is unwavering dedication, loyalty and support is commendable. They are the reason why we are celebrating our 30 years… The REASON why we keep on succeeding, struggling, moving forward and aiming the best for the Group.